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Regular Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning Face-off | Clean and Mean

Regular Cleaning vs deep Cleaning
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Tasks such as vacuuming or wiping the counters are part of daily tasks in some homes, so it can be said that it is a regular cleaning process. But have you ever considered how often you clean the parts such as the oven or ceiling fans? It looks like it’s time to start deep-cleaning for many parts.

Don’t worry, deep cleaning is only needed a few times a year to rid your home of grime and stubborn dirt. Whether you’re planning to hire a professional cleaning service or do it yourself, we’re here to help you with a Regular Cleaning vs deep cleaning guide to explain what deep cleaning involves and how it differs from standard cleaning.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Before we start to talking about deep cleaning vs standard cleaning let’s talk about deep cleaning first. Of course, when the summer comes, you want to open the windows and clean the dust that covered the house from the winter. This is deep cleaning. This needs to be done two or three times in your home. Depending on your schedule, you can do deep cleaning over several weeks.

Deep cleaning involves taking care of the corners and areas where you are sure that a lot of dirt and debris has accumulated during your daily life. These parts are usually among the parts that gradually get dirty or go out of attention. A deep cleaning usually includes all the regular cleaning tasks as well as the work needed to beautify and clean all parts of the house.

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What Is Deep Cleaning?

What’s Included in a Deep Clean?

To make sure that the deep cleaning process is done in the best way, you can use the special checklist that is specified for each room.


The kitchen is one of the messy places in every house. Even if you try to clean it daily, a lot of dirt accumulates without you even realizing it. Here are some must-have items for a deep cleaning checklist when cleaning your kitchen:

  • Remove contamination from surfaces
  • Organize cabinets and drawers
  • Clean the sink
  • Disinfect the counters
  • Clean the back and bottom of the devices
  • Clean the oven and wash the stove
  • Clean the refrigerator door, shelves, and drawers
  • Clean and polish small appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, and toasters

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A lot of bacteria can accumulate in the bathroom. As a result, it is important to keep the area where you clean yourself bright. Here are some tips for professional bathroom cleaning:

  • Scrub tiles and grout
  • Clean the mirrors from top to bottom
  • Remove soap scum from surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect toilet seat, base, and bowl
  • Disinfect the sink
  • Clean the place of toothbrushes
  • Clean the shower and bathtub
  • Clean out the cabinets
  • Clean surfaces from dust
  • Sweep and clean the floor

What’s Included in a Deep Clean?

living room

  • Vacuum the furniture
  • Dust and clean baseboards
  • Dust and wash curtains and shutters
  • Clean all parts of the closets
  • Remove the dust from the vents
  • Vacuum all the crevices of the carpet
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean the windows


You may think to yourself that cleaning the room is done very quickly, but it is better to know that your bedroom should be cleaned deeply because your resting place should be comfortable. Here are some must-haves for deep cleaning your bedroom:

  • Wash all sheets and pillows
  • Turn your mattress upside down
  • Remove any stains from the mattress
  • Organize the closet
  • Remove dust and debris from the closet drawers and organize the clothes

How is regular cleaning or standard cleaning done?

Regular cleaning helps make the deep cleaning process easier. Regular cleaning, also known as basic cleaning or daily cleaning, includes all the things you should do regularly to keep your home fresh and tidy.

For example, collecting extra items from around the house, cleaning dirty materials, and following up on problems related to pets and other things are among the things that are effective in the deep cleaning process.

If you don’t know exactly how often you should clean your house, we recommend you do it once a week to keep your house fresh, clean, and comfortable. It is better to dedicate one day a week to cleaning.

How is regular cleaning or standard cleaning done?

What are regular house cleaning tasks?

Let’s check regular cleaning tasks in Home Cleaning Calgary before we talk about deep cleaning vs standard cleaning. Regular cleaning includes tasks that a professional cleaning service performs at each visit or tasks that you do to keep your home in top condition. Of course, it should be said that the details are different for each cleaning company, but professional teams usually include the following:

  • Vacuuming and cleaning the furniture
  • General cleaning
  • Dusting the surfaces of the living room, bedroom, corridor and doors, window frames, and air vents
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen surfaces, including household appliances, dishwasher and inside the microwave
  • Make the beds
  • Taking out the garbage

Regular Cleaning vs deep Cleaning

The cleaning level you choose depends on your home and the last time you cleaned it. If you are going to opt for a professional cleaning service, it is best to start with a deep cleaning and then maintain it with regular cleaning every week or two.

When should deep cleaning be done?

When you just enter a new house, you want to clean the parts that the previous owners have used, and cleaning makes you feel ready to live in that new house.

When you are planning to clean the house and you intend to remove all the dirt and stains, you use deep cleaning. It is better to follow the deep cleaning checklist in this situation, this way you will allow the buyers to see the house in the best condition.

If you are hosting a big event, keep in mind that you need to do a deep cleaning process.

When should regular cleaning be done?

If you’ve just done a deep clean, stick to the basics of cleaning to maintain your home and save time.

If your schedule is very busy and you don’t have time to devote to deep cleaning, it is better to choose regular cleaning to keep cleaning the house in the middle of your busy life, so you will have a tidy space to come home to after work.

If there is an immediate mess, it is better to opt for regular cleaning. This mess can be juice spills or pet problems. Either way, it is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

The role of Regular Cleaning in maintaining a basic level of cleanliness in day-to-day living spaces

Maintaining a basic level of cleanliness in daily living environments is mostly dependent on regular cleaning. Regular cleaning consists of doing mundane chores to keep dirt, dust, and grime from building up. The cornerstone of a clean and inviting home is this constant upkeep. In the context of the larger debate over Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning, regular cleaning is defined as having daily and weekly tasks that take care of a space’s urgent cleaning requirements.

A vital aspect of daily maintenance is vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning surfaces, and washing down often utilized areas. Individuals who regularly do these duties make certain their living areas continue to be both visually pleasing and cozy. Frequent cleaning promotes a more hygienic atmosphere by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and allergies.

The role of Regular Cleaning in maintaining a basic level of cleanliness in day-to-day living spaces

However, it’s essential to recognize that regular cleaning is just one aspect of a comprehensive cleaning strategy. While it effectively maintains day-to-day cleanliness, the comparison with deep cleaning reveals that deeper, more thorough cleaning tasks are necessary periodically. Together, Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning create a harmonious approach to keeping living spaces both presentable and hygienic, contributing to the overall well-being of those who inhabit them. Balancing these cleaning approaches ensures that homes are not only visually pleasing but also deeply sanitized for a healthier living experience.

Regular Cleaning vs deep Cleaning | Which is Right for You?

When you are going to use a professional cleaning service for the first time and you can’t choose Regular Cleaning vs deep Cleaning, it is better to prioritize deep cleaning. After that, you can get help from cleaning teams for regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning. To use any of these services, you can contact our experts so that they can explain the wide range of services to you in addition to the required explanations.

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