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Why Choose Swift Maids Carpet Cleaning

Locally Owned & Operated

Using a local service will give you a more satisfactory result.

Advanced Cleaning Techniques

Our new and advanced techniques lead to more professional services.

Eco-Friendly Approach

The cleaning process can be done without harming the environment.

Professional Expertise

All our technicians are trained and experienced in providing services.

Convenience and Flexibility

Our team has people with professional ethics who seek customer satisfaction.

High-Quality Equipment

By using professional and modern equipment, you can have a very good experience.

What We do?


Residential pressure washing

Swiftmaids team uses gentle scrubbing techniques to remove any type of stress damage to surfaces, including vinyl siding, plaster, composite materials, and wood. Our method is very gentle and effective at the same time. Are different parts of your house, including windows, dirty? No problem, we clean and shine all parts of your house, including windows, with the help of Pressure Washing Calgary service and a purified pure water system.

Commercial pressure washing

The first time customers use our services is very important to us because sometimes there is no second chance to surprise the customer. We provide professional Pressure Washing Calgary services for commercial complexes, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings and others. We specialize in cleaning all surfaces including concrete and any dirt including oil stains. And we clean rust effectively with our equipment.



Here is What Our Customers Say

Based on 29 reviews
Looselips Sinkships
Looselips Sinkships
I was blown away by the how beautiful my apartment was after my cleaning, it was amazing the attention to detail. I really didn't realize that my apartment was dirty until after it was professionally cleaned. Im definitely a regular customer going forward.
Ryan Notland
Ryan Notland
We get a monthly cleaning from these guys. It’s continuously a great experience with kind and helpful people. Get there spring package, it has window and carpet cleaning. Would recommend 👌🏻
Somayyeh Mirshahi
Somayyeh Mirshahi
We had a spill on our sofa and carpet. They came the same day we called and cleaned the coffee stain for us. Very quick and professional. Highly recommend.
Rachael Bailey
Rachael Bailey
Had a move out clean and carpet cleaning done! They did a great job and were very easy to plan with! It made my move much less stressful! They were honest and up front about what to expect and what was included! Great communication, very friendly and professional! Would highly recommend and will use again for future cleans!
Sandra Liao
Sandra Liao
Carpet cleaning in Calgary. They did an awesome job and my carpets smell and look so fresh. They took out some stains as well. I would recommend their services.
Christine Brownell
Christine Brownell
Had a deep clean in Okotoks and was really impressed. Thank you Swift Maids.
Giselle Cottrell
Giselle Cottrell
Great job on stain removal. Good Calgary company to work with. Very fast response times.
Elijah Kofo
Elijah Kofo
Did a great job with the move out house and carpet cleaning, friendly superior service, will recommend 👌
Manny M
Manny M
I can’t recommend Swift Maids enough —truly the best cleaning company we’ve encountered in Calgary. Their commitment shone through; thanks to their exceptional move out cleaning service, we received our full deposit back from the landlord. Lily, in particular, was outstanding and comes highly recommended. They even managed to remove a coffee stain during carpet steaming. For anyone needing move out cleaners or carpet cleaning services, Swift Maids is the go-to choice.

Pressure Washing

We are ready to provide you with the fastest and best service, our goal is to make your desired surfaces cleaner and brighter. With the help of our Pressure Washing Calgary services, you can get the best experience in this field.

Answers to common questions

You can use pressure washing services to clean different surfaces including corridors, walkways, patios and roofs. It is important to note that some surfaces may require a lower pressure setting or special cleaners to prevent damage. We recommend that you test a small area before cleaning to ensure that the pressure and cleaning agents will not damage them. It is also very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and observe caution when working.

The temperature of the water used for pressure washing depends on the surface and the work to be done. Cold water is usually used for soft surfaces such as wood, vinyl and aluminum, but hot water is suitable for harder surfaces such as concrete and brick. Hot water helps remove dirt, grease, and more, while cold water is gentle on more delicate surfaces. The temperature of the water used should be determined according to the type of cleaner used. Hot water is more suitable for removing oily stains, but cold water is used to remove water-soluble stains.

You may think that these services are not very useful, but it is better to know that you can create a specific result with the help of these services. No one likes to put up with unsightly stains on their home surfaces. In wet environments, hard surfaces such as concrete can grow moss, mold and algae. These growths make surfaces slippery and can damage materials from the inside or outside. They will continue to spread until you clean them.

You can definitely do this yourself, but the thing you should pay attention to is that what you do yourself is a different result than what experts do for you. That is, by hiring trained technicians, these services will be provided to you with the best and most specialized equipment. During this process, you may apply too much or too little pressure to different surfaces and various damages may occur to the surfaces. It will also take less time when professionals do it for you.

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We are ready to help you clean all your carpets. We use professional equipment and an experienced team to remove stains from your carpets.

Why Commercial Pressure Washing Calgary Matters

In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of commercial pressure washing Calgary, its various applications, and why it’s an essential service for businesses in the area.

Creating a Lasting Impression

Your business’s appearance can significantly impact your reputation. A clean and well-maintained exterior sends a positive message to customers, showing that you care about your image and their experience. On the other hand, a dirty and neglected facade can drive potential customers away.

Protecting Your Investment

The harsh Calgary weather can take a toll on your property’s exterior. From snow and ice to heavy rainfall, these elements can cause mold, mildew, and grime to accumulate over time. Commercial pressure washing helps protect your investment by removing these contaminants, preventing long-term damage, and extending the lifespan of your property.

Applications of Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing Calgary applications has a wide range:

Exterior Building Cleaning

Commercial pressure washing Calgary is highly effective in cleaning various building materials, including concrete, brick, stucco, and siding. It removes dirt, algae, and other unsightly stains, restoring your building’s original appearance. Also window cleaning Calgary, especially in high buildings is another matter that you can easily hand it over to the professionals in Swiftmaids.  

Parking Lot and Driveway Cleaning

Calgary’s parking lots and driveways are subjected to oil stains, tire marks, and dirt buildup. Pressure washing can help maintain a clean and safe environment for your customers and employees.

Sidewalk and Entryway Cleaning

Your business’s entrance should be inviting and safe. Pressure washing can eliminate slippery mold and dirt, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the overall appeal of your property.

Popular Types of Pressure Washers

Calgary pressure washing machines come in a few main configurations, each with advantages:

  • Electric pressure washers offer a convenient and quieter option, affordable for most homeowners. However, power levels max out around 2000 PSI.
  • Gas-powered pressure washers achieve higher pressures and flow rates, making them ideal for larger jobs. They offer more mobility than electric too.
  • Truck-mounted pressure washers are heavy-duty industrial systems powered by a truck engine rather than electric motor. They reach extreme pressures upwards of 10,000 PSI for commercial cleaning.

Nozzle spray patterns, onboard detergent tanks, and other accessories can customize any pressure washer for specific cleaning tasks too.

Steps for DIY Calgary Pressure Washing Projects

With the right pressure washer for your needs, projects proceed smoothly:

  • Carefully inspect the area beforehand and test a small inconspicuous section first to calibrate water pressure. Start at low pressure and increase as needed.
  • Select an appropriate high-pressure nozzle and spray pattern – either a wide fan or more focused stream. Adjust pressure to the correct PSI for the surface type.
  • Use onboard detergent tanks/injectors or apply exterior cleaning chemicals directly beforehand for extra grime-fighting power if desired.
  • Hold the nozzle 6 to 12 inches from surfaces at a perpendicular angle. Apply side-to-side sweeping motions, taking care not to concentrate spray in one spot too long. Overlap strokes for full coverage.
  • For cleaning agents applied, rinse off the surfaces with just pressurized water after washing to prevent residue streaks or chemical damage.

With some practice, DIYers can handle many smaller residential Calgary pressure washing tasks. But for whole house washing or commercial projects, hiring professionals pays dividends.

The Advantages of Professional Commercial Pressure Washing

Let’s take a look to some commercial pressure washing Calgary magnificent advantages:

Effective Cleaning

Professional pressure washing equipment delivers high-pressure streams of water, effectively removing even the toughest stains and contaminants. It’s a far more powerful and efficient method compared to traditional cleaning techniques.

Environmental Benefits

Pressure washing is an eco-friendly choice. It typically requires only water and does not involve harmful chemicals. The process also conserves water compared to other cleaning methods.

Environmental Impact of Commercial Pressure Washing

Environmental Impact of Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing Calgary necessitates careful attention to environmental considerations and adopting best practices to minimize adverse impacts. Here are insights into key areas such as water usage, chemical runoff, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions:

  • Water Usage: like many regions, Calgary faces concerns about water conservation. Commercial pressure-washing Calgary operations should prioritize water-efficient practices to align with local sustainability goals. Implementing high-pressure, low-flow equipment helps minimize water usage while maintaining effective cleaning. Additionally, scheduling pressure washing during off-peak hours or cooler parts of the day can reduce water evaporation and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Chemical Runoff: Preventing chemical runoff is essential to safeguarding local ecosystems. Best practices involve using biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning agents that pose minimal risks to water sources. Contractors should also implement containment measures, such as using barriers or absorbent materials, to capture and properly dispose of runoff, preventing the contamination of stormwater drains.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: The choice of cleaning solutions significantly influences the environmental impact of commercial pressure washing Calgary. Calgary-based businesses should explore and adopt eco-friendly alternatives that are non-toxic, biodegradable and pose minimal harm to aquatic life and soil. Researching and investing in green cleaning technologies and products can enhance the overall sustainability of pressure washing operations.
  • Waste Management: Proper disposal of waste generated during pressure washing is critical. Implementing effective waste management practices involves collecting and disposing of debris, cleaning solutions, and wastewater according to local regulations. Recycling or properly treating wastewater before discharge helps prevent contamination and ensures compliance with environmental standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Staying abreast of local environmental regulations is fundamental for commercial pressure washing Calgary operations. Following regulations for the use of water, the handling of chemicals, and the disposal of trash is not only required by law but also shows a dedication to environmental responsibility. Employee awareness and training initiatives might aid in ensuring adherence to these rules.

Commercial pressure washing Calgary should prioritize environmental considerations by adopting water-efficient practices, minimizing chemical runoff through the use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, implementing proper waste management procedures, and adhering to regulatory requirements. By incorporating these best practices, businesses can contribute to the sustainability of their operations while maintaining a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Time and Cost-Efficient

Professional pressure washing services save you time and money. You can avoid the costs of equipment purchase and maintenance, as well as the time-consuming task of cleaning your property yourself.


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Pressure Washing Calgary

When you hear the name of Pressure washing services, what kind of service do you think of? Do you think that dirt and stains are supposed to be removed with maximum pressure? Do you know that using too much pressure can cause a lot of damage to the different levels you want and is not a useful process at all? So you should keep in mind that a safe and effective pressure washer needs full water pressure. Our team is ready to clean the following areas with the help of Pressure Washing Calgary:

Driving directions
the patio
Playground equipment
Retaining walls

By contacting our professional team, you can easily protect your home. We know very well that sometimes the hardest cleaning means a gentle and non-invasive process. That’s why we use the exact amount of pressure to ensure that the final result will be without any unpleasant side effects.

If you are looking for a pressure washing Calgary service and you do not want damage to the surfaces of your home during the cleaning process, just contact us and we will come to you as soon as possible.

Our Process

How We Pressure Wash

You’ll always get the best results with our four-step process.

Our experts check all the desired parts of the soil surfaces and check and evaluate all the things that need care.
All evaluated surfaces are prepared with detergents and oxidizers to remove any dirt.
All dirts are completely removed with proper pressure and without causing any damage to the surfaces, and the desired surfaces are completely cleaned.
We check everything for satisfaction evaluation and thorough cleaning at the final stage so that your house is cleaned better than you expect.

Areas we serve

Our team is ready to serve in the field of Pressure Washing Calgary services, our solutions are suitable for cleaning your home or workspace. If you are looking for a professional and reliable Pressure Washing Calgary service, Swiftmaids is your ideal choice. We have a good track record in this field and can be a reliable choice for you.

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We’ll visit your home or business, assess the situation and come up with the best solution for your situation.
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