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You know very well that when you throw a party, time flies and what you’re left with is a messy house. Guests may spill drinks during the party or things may be out of place. Of course, all these things are normal, the important thing is that you had a good time at the party. It is also important to think about After party cleaning. You should pay attention to where to start and where to end the cleaning process.

We know very well that you look around and feel like there is so much to do but you don’t have the energy. This is frustrating and daunting for the host. But our advice is to do After party cleaning, the day after the party, otherwise you will face a lot of mess at home.

Now it’s better to move on to the main topic: How to do a proper clean up after party? It is better to know that this process starts before the guests arrive. In the following, Swift Maids guide will help you make the process of “After party cleaning” with less stress and proper organization.

Pre-party actions

It is better to use the time you have before the party to plan because it will be difficult after the party starts. You won’t feel overwhelmed to handle multiple tasks and other post-party cleaning activities when it comes time for party cleaning.

Pre-party actions

In this section, there are some actions related to planning and preparing for cleaning before the party starts.

  1. Determine what tools and supplies you will use to clean up after the party, so put them all in one place for easy access. Keep in mind that every house has its characteristics, but in general, the following list contains the things you will probably need for cleaning:
  • Disposable kitchen towels
  • Microfiber towel
  • Mop
  • Small brush and dustpan for crumbs
  • kitchen towel
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Cleaner for furniture
  • Large garbage bag
  • Broom and dustpan
  1. It is better to prepare two trash cans, one for disposable items such as paper plates, disposable cups, and napkins, and the other for food waste such as leftover plates. This will encourage guests to use these bins during the party, and you won’t need to collect a lot of disposable items from end to end of the house.
  2. Place the coasters on the surfaces and tables where you are likely to have guests. To prevent drinks from spilling on the furniture, place plastic sheets beneath (or over) tablecloths.
  3. Create space in the refrigerator for leftovers by keeping a bunch of food boxes or zip loc in an accessible spot
  4. You need enough space in the dishwasher to put plates and glasses at the end of the party, so it is better to empty your dishwasher before the party starts.
  5. Doing some things ahead of time will make cleaning up after the party easier. Therefore, if you enter the kitchen during the party and see some empty bottles or anything else around, collect them.

Use of disposable or easily washable dishes and utensils

Embrace the ease of disposable or easily washable dishes and cutlery to streamline your post-celebration routine. By implementing these useful substitutes, the workload associated with After party cleaning is greatly decreased while also improving the entire party experience. Choose throwaway plates, cups, and silverware composed of sustainable materials to strike a balance between ease of use and ecological responsibility. Making this decision not only results in less time spent cleaning and scrubbing but also facilitates an easy cleanup. Remind visitors to dispose of disposables in the specified containers, which will expedite the process and make After party cleaning go more quickly.

Dishes and cutlery that are readily cleaned and composed of sturdy materials can be a great option for anyone looking for a more environmentally friendly option. These can be quickly cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand, so the After party cleaning can be completed on time. Encouraging the usage of these useful dishware solutions makes cleaning up after the party easier and more doable, freeing up the hosts to enjoy the memories made during the celebration.

Use of disposable or easily washable dishes and utensils

Same Day After Party Cleaning Checklist

Some of the cleaning steps are very important. Ignoring them will make you do it harder the day after the party. When you have a proper checklist for cleaning on the day of the party, you won’t have any worries for the following days.

Same Day After Party Cleaning Checklist

Following are the basic actions that you should do on the same day and after the party:

Keep any leftovers

Because it’s never a good practice to keep food out for too long because it might get spoiled, the first step is to put food from large dishes in smaller food boxes or Ziploc bags. You can decide what to keep.

Putting dishes in the dishwasher

You will not feel good if you face a kitchen full of dishes one day after the party. Also, food particles and sauce stains can dry over time, so washing becomes more difficult. If you want to wash the dishes by hand, it is better to put them in a mixture of water and dish soap after the party and wash them easily the next day. However, keep in mind that this is useful for glassware and other tableware, and glasses and other containers should not be wet because they may break.

Garbage collection and disposal

Put the waste in a large garbage bag and look for a quick and effective way to clean the table surface and surfaces. Check the rooms thoroughly and you will see how quickly the garbage bag fills up.

Remove sticky stains

One of the mistakes is to leave sticky stains. These stains harden over time and can even cause certain types of furniture and fabrics to change color. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber towel to clean the stains with ease.

Remove any crumbs

You certainly know that leftover crumbs or food scraps on the kitchen counter can attract insects and other reptiles. As a result, it is better to prevent this from happening by collecting the remaining crumbs. You can use a portable mini brush or rag and a small dustpan is also effective.

Next-Day clean up after party Checklist

Cleaning up after the party isn’t as daunting once you’ve done the day-of party cleaning. But keep in mind that there is a lot to do to make your home tidy and spotless. The most important thing you should know is to allow enough time for this process so that you don’t work under pressure. Keeping this in mind, you can complete all tasks quickly and easily.

The day after the party, follow the steps that after party cleaning services said below to complete the cleaning process:

Finish cleaning dishes

Even if you load and run the dishwasher after the party and before going to bed, there is still a chance that the dishes will be scattered around the kitchen. You definitely can’t clean the kitchen effectively if the dishes are scattered in the kitchen. The first thing you should do the day after the party is to finish cleaning the dishes.

Kitchen organization

Many things are definitely left in the kitchen and lead to a messy kitchen. It is better to start putting these things away so that the counters and other areas that have been used during the party are cleaned. Apply some liquid dish soap to a brush and wet it with water, then clean the surfaces. You can do this with a clean, damp cloth, then dry with a paper towel.

Organizing the living room

You may need more space to accommodate guests, so it is possible that you have gathered extra chairs for the party. Now that the party is over, it’s best to put everything back together. Before you put everything back in place, clean the surfaces. When everything is in place, you can start general cleaning.

Cleaning and disinfection of furniture

Even if you have removed all the sticky stains on the night of the party, it is still necessary to clean all your furniture. It is recommended to use all-purpose cleaner and microfiber towel for this. If you see a stain, clean it with disinfectant. Some materials such as wood or chrome may be cleaned with special cleaners that help polish the surface. As a result, it is better to choose a solution that is suitable for your furniture.

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Cushions should be rotated and fluffed

The sofa cushions look worn and wrinkled after the guests sit down. a simple rotating and fluffing will take care of this. If you see any stains on them, remove them immediately, otherwise they can become permanent.

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clean up after party

Sweeping and cleaning the floors

Cleaning the floors should be done the day after the party. This requires sweeping and cleaning the entire house. It may seem tedious, but doing it in one session will get a lot done.

Cleaning the toilet or bathroom

The toilet or bathroom is probably one of the places that is completely cleaned before the arrival of guests. Now, assuming that no one has used the shower or tub or other things, the toilet or bathroom still needs more care. Begin with scrubbing the toilet seat and bowl, then the sink, and finally the floor. Other components, such as the area around the sink, your medicine cabinet, and the faucets, may also require a quick washdown.

Now that you have finished the cleaning process duo to the after party cleaning services checklist, you can rest in a comfortable and clean house and get the peace you need. By knowing how to clean up after your guests leave, you can easily enjoy your party.

Party Planning for a Breezy Party Cleanup

Planning a party shouldn’t be a chore, and neither should the aftermath! By incorporating a few clever strategies into your party planning, you can significantly reduce the party cleanup time and effort.

  • Disposable Themed Decorations: Think beyond balloons and streamers. Consider decorations made from paper, cardboard, or fabric that can be easily tossed after the party. This eliminates the need to painstakingly untangle lights or pack away bulky decorations, making party cleanup a breeze.
  • Food Spills Containment Strategies: Party spills are bound to happen, but you can minimize the damage. Set up designated food stations with spill mats or trays underneath to catch drips and splatters. This prevents spills from reaching your precious carpets and furniture, saving you a major headache during party cleanup.
  • Party Favors as Cleaning Supplies: Double down on functionality by offering party favors that can be used during the event itself! Small hand wipes or mini trash bags become handy tools for guests to clean up minor spills or dispose of food scraps. This not only reduces your party cleanup workload but also contributes to a cleaner party environment for everyone.
  • Pre-Party Declutter: The less clutter you have lying around, the less there is to clean up after the party. Dedicate some time before the festivities to declutter high-traffic areas and put away any fragile items. This creates a clean and spacious environment for your guests and minimizes the potential for damage during the party, leading to a smoother and faster party cleanup.

By implementing these simple party planning strategies, you can transform your post-party experience from a tedious chore to a quick and manageable task. So, plan your party with ease, knowing that the cleanup will be a breeze!


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