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Persian Rug Cleaning Tips for Longevity and Eleganc

Persian rug cleaning
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Persian rug cleaning is an essential aspect of preserving the aesthetic appeal of these home-enhancing items. Renowned for their quality, durability, and intricate handmade patterns, these woolen rugs embody lasting elegance. Crafting an authentic Iranian rug requires 2 to 5 years, ensuring generations of timeless beauty when maintained with proper care.

Understanding the intricacies of Persian rug cleaning is vital for preserving their lifespan. While the process isn’t complex, these rugs require unique attention. Cleaning woolen carpets differs from other types, and neglecting this can lead to damage or color fading.

How often should I do Persian rug cleaning?

Swiftmaids recommends that you do Persian rug cleaning at least once a year. If you have small children or pets and you use the rug a lot, you can do it every six months. For deep cleaning of Iranian rugs throughout the year, it is better to vacuum them carefully. If the rug is in good condition, you can turn it upside down and sweep the back with a cleaning brush and a vacuum cleaner, and this will remove the dirt from the rug fibers. As a tip, remember not to do this with fragile rugs.

How often should I do Persian rug cleaning?

Another point that you should keep in mind is that you should never vacuum the edges of the rug because this can damage them. Instead, take the vacuum hose and gently pull the delicate border of the rug. You can also shake the rug to remove debris. For larger rugs, you can get help from other people. Rug Cleaning Calgary final recommendation is to rotate your carpet every six months to ensure wear and tear from traffic and sunlight.

How does Persian rug cleaning?

In this section, there are several steps along with useful tips for Persian rug cleaning:

Check the carpet label

Be sure to go through this step before starting to clean the carpet. Lift the corners of the rug to reveal the label. This label usually tells you about the safest way to clean. Cleaning silk, wool, cotton, or synthetic rugs requires special skills; that’s why it’s better to check the label first. Cotton and wool carpets are stronger and easier to clean than other carpets. However it is better to leave the Iranian silk carpet to a specialist if it has severe stains.

Check the carpet label

Vacuum your Persian rug.

This step gives you the ability to get rid of any dirt or debris. Let’s examine the correct way of vacuuming:

  • Place the rug on the floor
  • Vacuum the carpet gently to remove excess abrasives, pet hair, and dirt.
  • Repeat the above steps at least three times on both sides of the carpet. This will help you get rid of any dust in the carpet

When vacuuming your handmade carpet, you should consider the following points:

  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner on the edges of the carpet because it may damage them
  • Draw electricity towards the fibers of the carpet, not against them

However, it should be said that vacuuming is not effective for all Iranian carpets. If you want to clean an antique or expensive rug, you need specialized tools.

Vacuum your Persian rug

Check the carpet for dust and dirt

Once you have checked the dirt, you can clean the carpet. Removing dust from the carpet is easy: take out the carpet and shake it to remove the dust from the carpet.

Wash and dry your Persian rug.

It is great to wash the carpet on a sunny day; you can dry the carpet with the heat of the sun. Below is the method of Persian rug cleaning:

  • Take out your rug
  • Pull the carpet down from both sides until it is completely wet
  • Massage the special detergent on the carpet
  • Wash the carpet with your hands
  • Turn the carpet over and wash the back as well

Wash and dry your Persian rug

After washing the carpet, draining is the next step. A hose with an adjustable nozzle is great for draining carpets. You can follow the following steps to drain the carpet:

  • Continue to scrub the soap from your carpet until all the suds are gone
  • Repeat the above step for the back of the carpet
  • Then, turn the carpet over and rinse once more. As much as you can, direct the water from the carpet to the outside.

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Dry your Persian rug completely

Before you try to dry your handwoven rug, you need to decide when it is best to expose the rug to sunlight. Carpet drying can take a day or two. Maybe after a day, you feel that the carpet is dry, but you should devote more time to this task. Also, keep in mind that the back of the carpet should be dried in the sun. Keep in mind that the color of the carpet may fade when exposed to direct sunlight, so be sure to turn your carpet at least once a month so that the color fades evenly. After a day or two, check the carpet fibers to see if they are dry.

Dry your Persian rug completely

Remove odors from your carpet

Various solutions can help you get rid of the bad smells of Iranian carpets. The combination of vinegar, water, and detergent is one of these solutions that you can use. Using this mixture will remove odors and stains from your carpet and give it a good look.

How not to do Persian rug cleaning?

If you have researched this, you will realize that you should avoid using very hot water or chemicals to clean Iranian carpets. Persian rug cleaning with liquid cleaners, apart from simple cleaning, can cause a lot of damage to them. Maybe at the beginning of using these carpet materials, it may seem like no problem, but it will probably get dirty sooner than before.

How not to do Persian rug cleaning?

Frequently asked questions about Persian rug cleaning

Here Rug Cleaning Calgary is going to answer your frequently asked questions about Persian rug cleaning:

Can you steam-clean an Iranian carpet?

The answer to this question depends on the type of carpet. Carpet artisans produce most carpets from wool, silk, cotton, nylon, or synthetic materials. Natural materials require more care, so cleaning a thick wool rug with high steam will not be successful. Also, excessive moisture can shrink or stretch your carpet’s natural fibers and can even permanently damage your carpet.

Can you put the rug in the washing machine?

You can put a cotton or polyester rug in the washing machine, but cleaning a wool or silk rug with a washing machine can cause problems for you. For example, if you clean your carpet with a washing machine, the color of your carpet may fade. Mechanical washing of Iranian carpets can reduce the lifespan of the carpet.

How to keep the Iranian carpet in mint condition?

  1. If something spills on your carpet, it is better to clean it immediately. White vinegar and water can help remove pet, grease, or coffee stains.
  2. Never walk on your carpet with shoes on
  3. Always clean your carpet from dust
  4. Rotate your carpet every so often
  5. Do not wash carpets regularly
  6. Do not expose your carpet to direct sunlight


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