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Move In Cleaning Checklist | New Home, Clean Slate

Move In Cleaning Checklist
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Moving into a new home and starting a new chapter in your life is an exciting event. It is imperative that you start this trip in a clean, revitalizing environment. Even though moving can be stressful, having a Move In Cleaning Checklist will help you handle each chore quickly and effectively, creating the ideal environment for a cozy and welcoming new home. This all-inclusive guide is made to lead you through a meticulous move-in cleaning checklist, making it easier for you to navigate through the cleaning procedure. We cover every angle, from cleaning dirty corners to disinfecting surfaces. Together, let’s get ready to get in, roll up our sleeves, and start turning your new home into a shining sanctuary.

Top Reasons to Clean Before Move In

move in cleaning

Beyond just looking pristine, move in cleaning serves some practical purposes:

Start Fresh in Your New Space

There’s nothing like moving into a sparkling clean home to get that “new house smell” without old dirt and odors. Thorough cleaning removes residue from the previous occupants, so you can start with a fresh slate.

Start Fresh in Your New Space

Evaluate the Condition Under the Surface

Cleaning every nook and cranny before moving in lets you inspect for mold, water stains, cracked tiles, or any damage hidden under dirt. Finding defects right away puts you ahead of addressing them.

Establish Your Standards of Cleanliness

Getting the place cleaner than you found it sets expectations for keeping it well-maintained going forward. Plus, there’s satisfaction in knowing every surface meets your cleanliness standards from day one.

Establish Your Standards of Cleanliness

What is a professional move in cleaning checklist?

 A professional move in cleaning checklist can help you make the most of your moving cleaning services, regardless of whether you are doing the cleaning yourself. By referring to a move in cleaning checklist, you can make sure you haven’t missed any parts. The cleaning checklist should include the separation of all the rooms and the items that need to be cleaned inside each room.

When Should You Schedule Move in Cleaning?

Timing your cleaning depends on several factors:

Ideally Before Moving Your Belongings In

It’s easiest to clean with the place empty. Once your furniture and boxes start arriving, they create obstacles. If possible, build in time to clean before your moving day.

After Getting the Keys

If you can’t clean before the moving truck arrives, schedule it immediately after getting the keys. This prevents your items from sitting in a dirty space. The sooner, the better.

Depends on Your Lease Terms

Many landlords have cleaning requirements, like within 5 days of occupancy. Read your lease to ensure you comply with any move in cleaning stipulations.

Deep Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning – What’s Needed?

You have two main options for move in cleaning intensity:

Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

These quicker clean tackles visible dirt, dust, and debris throughout using general sweeping, wiping, vacuuming, and mopping. It freshens things up but doesn’t deal with grime buildup.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a thorough scrub of every surface, top to bottom. It removes sticky spots, sanitizes surfaces, extracts dirt from carpets, and really makes the place shine. Deep cleaning removes layers of invisible accumulated filth. Deep cleaning is ideal for move in to start out in a sanitary space.

How long does a deep house cleaning take duo to the move in cleaning checklist?

The answer to this question depends on various factors. Factors such as the size of your home, the condition of your home, and the number of people doing the deep cleaning.

Asking how long it takes to deep clean a house is like asking how long it takes to cook dinner. It should be determined what food is going to be cooked and how many cooks are going to do it. These are the things that should be determined before thinking about the time of the process.

If your house is large, it will take longer to deep clean than a smaller house due to the move in cleaning checklist. But if your house is small but full of dirt and dust, cleaning it will take longer than usual. If more than one person is going to do the process of cleaning your house, less time is required compared to one person who is going to do it alone.

How long does a deep house cleaning take duo to the move in cleaning checklist?

If you have pets, more time is needed

Another thing to consider is the number of people or pets in your home. The more people living in the house and the more pets there are, the more time it takes to deep clean the house.

Apart from this, the time required to perform the deep cleaning process depends on whether you choose a professional cleaning service or not. A fast and efficient cleaning service will deep clean your home in almost half the time it would take you to do it yourself because, in addition to having the necessary cleaning equipment and tools, they have the skills and experience to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Do you want to know how long it might take to clean your house? There is a general rule of thumb for deep cleaning the house, and that is that for every 1000 square feet of cleaning, 1 hour is required, and the cleaning process should be done by a cleaning team of 4 people.

General cleaning

Each house or apartment is different from the other and their cleaning requirements are unique. A good cleaning company can adjust the tasks based on the type of house and its cleaning needs. Our checklist in this section can be customized based on customer needs. To get you started, here’s a summary of the tasks on how to clean rooms in a new home:

  • Dust all surfaces and counters
  • Use wet wipes to clean light fixtures, fans, and handles
  • Use a cloth or duster to clean the cobwebs
  • Clean windows and doors
  • Vacuum all carpets
  • Clean the floors
  • Clean the sink, stove, cabinets and counters of the pantry
  • Clean all items from the inside
  • Disinfect the toilet, shower, tub and other equipment, including the sink

Detailed Move in Cleaning Checklist by Room

Now let’s get into it in move in cleaning checklist:


We will start with the most challenging part of the cleaning process, the kitchen. The kitchen requires careful attention because this room sees heavy use and mess.

Clean Inside Appliances

Remove grime and food bits from the oven, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher so they are spotless inside and out.

Deep Clean Cabinets

Empty cabinets completely and wipe down outside surfaces. Then tackle inside shelves, drawers, and cabinet doors to remove sticky spills and dust buildup.

Disinfect Sink

Scrub the kitchen sink basin thoroughly using a bleach-based cleaner or disinfectant spray to kill germs. Brighten up the metal faucet by removing hard water stains.

Mop and Scrub Floors

Sweep and mop tile, wood, and laminate floors. For linoleum, scrub away dirt buildup and sanitize the surface thoroughly.


Bathrooms harbor lots of bacteria. Be sure to disinfect every surface and fixture.

Disinfect Toilet

Scrub the toilet inside and out, sanitizing the seat, bowl, lid, tank, base, and behind. Bleach-based cleaners work best to kill germs.

Clean Shower and Tub

Using a heavy-duty cleaner, remove built-up soap scum, mildew stains, and residue from the tub, shower walls, shower door tracks, and shower head.

Clean Mirrors and Glass

Mix glass cleaner with ammonia for streak-free shine on mirrors and any glass shower doors. Polish away water spots and fog.

Scrub and Sanitize Floors

On tile, grout lines should look bright white after scrubbing away grime. Disinfect bathroom floors which see a lot of bare feet traffic.


Bedrooms mainly need cosmetic cleaning and dust removal.

Wipe Down All Surfaces

Use a microfiber cloth dampened with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe nightstands, dressers, headboards, and any other bedroom furniture.

Vacuum Floors Thoroughly

Run the vacuum over carpeted floors to extract dirt and dust stirred up from moving and traffic during house showings.

Let Light In

Clean bedroom windows inside and out so natural light can stream in. Use glass cleaner on any mirrors as well.

Living Spaces

For main living areas like family rooms, living rooms, and dens, focus on surfaces with a lot of activity and contact.

Clean Furniture

Perform upholstery cleaning Calgary by vacuuming and gently wiping down fabric-upholstered couches, chairs, and ottomans. Apply wood polish to any wooden furniture in the area.

Deep Clean Flooring

Vacuum the carpets and then spot clean to remove stains. Treat embedded dirt on hardwood or laminate floors. Make sure grout lines are free of dirt on tile and stone floors. Don’t overlook the importance of thorough carpet cleaning calgary in maintaining a pristine environment.

Dust Walls, Ceilings, and Baseboards

Cobwebs and dust accumulate out of sight on walls, ceiling corners, and especially baseboards. Damp dust them all before unpacking your belongings.

Move out cleaning checklist Alberta

If you are planning to move out somewhere else. You still need a move out cleaning checklist Alberta as well.

General Cleaning Tasks

A comprehensive move-out cleaning checklist encompasses various general cleaning tasks applicable to all types of properties. This includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning windows and fixtures. General cleaning aims to provide a clean slate for the property’s next occupants and ensures that no detail is overlooked.

Room-Specific Cleaning

Move out cleaning checklist Alberta involves room-specific cleaning tasks, tailored to address the unique requirements of each space. Bedrooms, for instance, may require thorough dusting and vacuuming, while kitchens necessitate the cleaning of appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Bathrooms, on the other hand, demand meticulous cleaning of fixtures, tiles, and sanitation. Living areas are inspected for cleanliness, ensuring that they are free from dust and debris.

Special Considerations

While a move-out cleaning checklist Alberta provides a structured guideline, special considerations may arise during the process. Stains, odors, and damage control require specific attention. Stains, whether on carpets or walls, demand targeted cleaning efforts. Lingering odors from cooking, pets, or smoking should be eliminated to leave a fresh ambiance. Any damage or wear and tear, such as holes in walls or broken fixtures, must be addressed to meet lease or rental agreement conditions.

Move-Out Cleaning for Different Properties

Moving out from a residential place is little bit of different of moving out form a commercial place. By hiring a cleaning service such as seiftmaids you can easily let the expert team do the job for you.

Residential Properties

Move-out cleaning for residential properties involves specific considerations. Houses, apartments, and condominiums each have their unique requirements. Residential move-out cleaning services tailor their approach to meet the expectations of homeowners and tenants. The aim is to leave the property in a condition that exceeds lease or rental agreement requirements.

Commercial Properties

Cleaning commercial spaces and offices during the move-out process presents unique challenges. These spaces often feature different materials and require specialized cleaning approaches. Move-out cleaning for commercial properties focuses on creating a clean and organized workspace, preparing it for the next business or tenant.

Rental Properties

Rental properties, whether apartments, houses, or vacation homes, require meticulous move-out cleaning. Meeting the standards and expectations of landlords and property managers is crucial to ensure the return of security deposits and a positive reference for outgoing tenants. Move-out cleaning professionals understand the specific requirements for rental properties.

Cleaning Supplies

Before you start deep cleaning, you must have the proper cleaning supplies. Here are the things you need duo to move in cleaning checklist:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • Broom and dirt thrower
  • Mop and bucket or steam cleaner
  • sponges
  • Microfiber cloth
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • glass cleaner
  • Toilet paper
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Toilet bowl and brush cleaner
  • duster
  • Rubber gloves
  • Peroxide
  • baking soda
  • White vinegar solution

Cleaning Supplies

Calling in the Cleaning Service

Given all the intense scrubbing required, many opt to hire professional cleaners such as Swift Maids for move in day. Some benefits of leaving it to the experts are:

Deep Clean with best results

Pro cleaners are scrub masters who excel at tough jobs like ovens, ventilation ducts, and stuck-on grime that take lots of elbow grease. Professional cleaning experts have their own move in cleaning checklist. They have tricks up their sleeves for getting things spotless in less time.

A Team Finishes Faster

What takes you several grueling solo sessions, a seasoned cleaning team can knock out in a few hours. Leaving you free to unpack and settle in sooner.

They Bring the Right Supplies

Professional cleaners such as Swift Maids come armed with commercial quality tools, strong cleaners, and plenty of microfiber cloths that do the job with less replenishing.

Hiring a professional cleaning service

The sooner your new home is cleaned, the sooner you can move in and enjoy it. Hiring a professional cleaning service saves you time and allows you to focus on more important tasks. Most people move during the summer, which means that moving cleaning services can be booked during this time. To be sure of this, it is better to contact the cleaning company of your choice and book your appointment. Make sure you make a reservation before you move.

Hiring a professional cleaning service


As you enter your new home, the move in cleaning checklist becomes your guiding companion. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about creating a fresh canvas for new memories. A clean environment sets the stage for a comfortable and harmonious living space. So, grab your cleaning supplies, put on your favorite tunes, and embark on this transformative cleaning journey. Your new home awaitsx  you with open arms and a sparkling clean embrace. Happy cleaning, and cheers to a fresh start!

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