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Housekeeper vs Maid | Are They the Same?

Housekeeper vs Maid
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Housekeeper vs Maid: Are They the Same?

The cleaning never seems to end, right? Between work, family, and a huge pile of laundry, sometimes the house just feels like it needs help. A tidy home can reduce stress, free up time for activities that you enjoy. It even improves your general health.

So, you’ve decided to bring in some cleaning reinforcements – awesome! But now you’re wondering, which one should you hire, “Housekeeper vs maid? Are they the same?”

The answer can be a bit confusing. The terms “housekeeper” and “maid” have been used for quite some time, and their exact meanings can vary depending on the region or even the individual family.

But don’t worry, we’ll break down some general differences to help you pick the perfect home cleaning Calgary pro for your needs.

Who is A Housekeeper?

You can think of a housekeeper to be a more all-encompassing home manager. They do more than just clean. You can use your time and energy for other things by hiring a housekeeper that can help with a wider range of activities. Here are some of the things a housekeeper vs maid might typically do:

Regular cleaning tasks

Of course, cleaning is still a big part of the job! This upholstery cleaning Calgary includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wiping down surfaces, professional sofa cleaning and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.


Folding, ironing, and putting away clothes can be a hectic and time-consuming chore. A housekeeper can take care of that for you.


If you need groceries picked up, or dry cleaning dropped off, a housekeeper will handle those errands for you.

Light meal preparation

Some housekeepers might be able to make simple meals or snacks, or help with meal prep.

Organizing and tidying

Does your home tend to become crowded quickly? A housekeeper can help you keep things organized and put away.

Pet care

Some housekeepers might be willing to walk your dog, feed your cat, or scoop the litter box.

Who is a Maid?

Traditionally, a maid’s focus is primarily on cleaning tasks. They’ll keep your home sparkling clean and tidy, but their responsibilities won’t include other household chores or errands. Here’s what you can expect from a maid service in housekeeper vs maid discussion:

Thorough cleaning

Maids are experts at deep cleaning your home. They’ll dust, vacuum, mop, scrub bathrooms and kitchens, and leave your entire house looking and feeling fresh.

Attention to detail

Maids will pay close attention to detail, ensuring every corner of your home is clean.

Flexible scheduling

Many maid services offer flexible scheduling options, so you can choose the cleaning frequency that best suits your needs.

Housekeeper vs Maid: Which One Do You Need?

The best choice for you depends on your specific needs and lifestyle. Here are some questions to consider:

  • If you just need someone to come in and do a deep clean every other week, a maid service might be a good option. If you’d like someone to handle a wider range of tasks and help out around the house more generally, then a housekeeper might be a better fit.
  • Generally, housekeepers charge a bit more than maids, as their services are more comprehensive. Regular housekeeping or regular maid service costs will vary depending on your location, the size of your home, and the frequency of service.
  • Do you need someone to tackle the cleaning so you can relax on the weekends? Or are you looking for someone who can also help with errands, laundry, or other household tasks?

How to Find the Perfect Fit

Once you’ve decided whether a housekeeper or a maid is the right choice for you, it’s time to start your search. Here are some tips:

Get recommendations

Ask friends, family, or neighbors for recommendations on cleaning professionals they trust.

Read online reviews

Check out online review sites to see what other people have to say about different housekeepers and maid services in your area.

Interview potential candidates

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, interview each candidate to discuss your specific needs and expectations.

Be clear about your budget

Let the cleaning professional know your budget upfront so you can find someone who offers services within your price range.

Things to Consider

No matter whether you choose a housekeeper or a maid service, the most important thing is to find someone who you trust and who can help you keep your home clean and organized.

A clean home can make a big difference in your life, reducing stress, giving you back precious time, and creating a more relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Here are some things to consider:

Experience and qualifications

Look for a housekeeper or maid service with experience and a good reputation. Some housekeepers might have additional certifications or training in areas like pet care or senior care.

Communication style

It’s important to find someone you feel comfortable communicating with. Discuss your expectations clearly and make sure you’re both on the same page.

Provide clear instructions

Let the cleaning professional know what your priorities are and what areas you’d like them to focus on.

Stock cleaning supplies

If you prefer the cleaning professional to use your cleaning supplies, make sure you have everything they need on hand.

The Final Decision: Housekeeper vs Maid

Ultimately, the decision between a housekeeper and a maid is a personal one. It all relies on your own needs and preferences. Consider the points we’ve discussed, do your homework, and hire a cleaning specialist to help you create a clean and comfortable home environment.


We overviewed a comprehensive compression of housekeeper vs maid, their similarities and differences. If you need a dependable and trustworthy cleaning specialist to take care of your home, look no further than Swift Maids! We provide a range of cleaning services, from routine to thorough cleaning, to meet your specific requirements and budget. Contact us today to enjoy the perks of a clean home!

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You should relax and let someone else do the home cleaning Calgary because you deserve to come home to a clean and welcoming environment!

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