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Carpet vs rug cleaning | What is the exact different

Carpet vs rug cleaning
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Nothing adds beauty to a living room like a high-quality rug or carpet. The right carpet or rug can be an excellent solution to combine the style of furniture, curtains, technology, and light fixtures at home. Beyond that, rugs and carpets help keep people at home comfortable by giving you a nice, warm place to put your feet and a good place for pets to nap. But what to do when the carpet and rug need cleaning? Dust, pets, stains, and other things can make even the best carpets and rugs dirty and look bad.

When you do not have the necessary equipment to clean the carpet and rug, it is better to leave it to the professionals of this service. The right professional cleaning services can create a different result for you and clean them without any risk to the integrity of your carpets and rugs. However, when you need a professional team for this work, two options are in front of you: rug cleaning or a carpet cleaning. You definitely want to know more about Carpet vs rug cleaning. This is a good place to get the information you need. You can learn how each service works with the help of a Carpet vs rug cleaning guide.

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Are carpets and rugs different?

You might think to yourself that carpets and rugs are similar things and can be cleaned in the same way. Unfortunately, this attitude has caused many carpets and rugs to be damaged or destroyed. In fact, carpets and rugs have many differences, which is why their cleaning process is also different. As a professional rug cleaning Calgary team, we plan to check Carpet vs rug cleaning topics.

Are carpets and rugs different?


The biggest and most obvious difference in the Carpet vs rug cleaning topic is in the way they are made. Rugs are usually movable, but carpets stay in place for years. In order to realize this issue, the method of making them is different. As a result, their care is also different.


Fringe is the decorative border of a carpet that has loose, hanging tassels. Borders are not found on carpets but are common on rugs. These edges need a lot of care and are removed with a vacuum cleaner. In fact, border rugs need special cleaning in order not to be damaged.

Dry soil removal

One of the other differences in the Carpet vs rug cleaning topic is that most rugs are made thicker with a dense pile structure, which means they usually have more fibers than standard carpets. As a result, carpets tend to absorb dirt and dust. A vacuum cleaner cannot completely remove the dust between the fine fibers. As a result, it is better to trust a professional rug cleaning Calgary service to remove all the dirt easily for you.


Most carpets are monochromatic; If it happens that this color bleeds, it usually isn’t a problem. However, carpets with complex designs and color bleeding can completely ruin the design. For this reason, it is very important to use the right solutions and methods to clean carpets in order to prevent bleeding and fading.


Tea wash / Antiquing

Another dye issue to be aware of is antiquing, a process done by the manufacturer or importer to make the carpet look older and more expensive. Antiquing is common in some types of rugs but less so in carpets. It is usually a layer of very aggressive acid wash or post-treatment of tea dying that can be washed away during the cleaning process. If this happens, a professional can reapply the layer after cleaning.

Proper training

Our carpet cleaning service team goes through a lot of training. It acquires the necessary knowledge to clean different types of carpets and rugs without damaging them, so be careful not to hire non-professionals to clean your carpets and rugs. Before you hire a team, ask them and make sure they have passed the necessary training.

Carpet vs rug cleaning:

Carpet cleaning services

Let’s start with this common service that you can find anywhere. These services have different prices, and usually, every company considers certain factors to offer prices to its customers.

Carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning services use portable or truck-mounted equipment to clean carpets. Be careful to choose a company that has the necessary skills in this field, and your carpets will not be damaged in this process.

Most rugs, such as Iranian rugs or oriental rugs, need special solutions during washing to maintain their quality. To avoid damaging these expensive carpets, you need to make sure to clean them properly.

Rug cleaning services

While carpet cleaning services may be suitable for you, rug cleaning requires more skill and attention to detail. Rug cleaning service is a specialized service that includes special precautions to ensure that your rug maintains its shape, fiber quality, and color vibrancy.

Rug cleaning services are performed by manual and machine methods, and the integrity of the Rug is maintained in both methods, and all rug fibers are deeply cleaned. This is different from the carpet cleaning service, usually, a machine is used to clean the carpet or rug.

Rug cleaning services

Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning by Swift Maids

There are different types of carpets and rugs in the houses, so the specialized care of each one should be considered. Because buying carpets and rugs is an expensive investment, proper services should be considered for it. Carpet vs rug cleaning is best left to professionals, and it is not good to leave this service to non-professionals. Before you choose your team, do the necessary research so that you can make the right decision. swift Maids team knows how to properly clean your carpets and rugs without damaging them.

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