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Carpet Cleaning vs Replacement

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If you’re here, chances are you’ve been paying a lot of attention to your carpets and noticed some imperfections, or maybe you’re planning to buy a new home and wondering whether or not to replace your carpets before you move in. In any case, you can follow the Carpet cleaning vs replacement guide steps below to determine if your carpet needs to be replaced or if cleaning is enough for it.

Carpet cleaning vs replacement: which is the best option for you?

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If you notice a stain or two, it’s worth getting help from the professional carpet cleaning Calgary team to clean your carpets. However, if you still see a stain after the cleaning process, or if cleaning the carpet results in discoloration due to stubborn stains, it’s time to replace your carpet.

We recommend that you clean your carpet before moving into a new home. But if your carpet has not been cleaned, there may be stains that cannot be removed. If this is the case, you should invest in replacing the carpet. If you see stains on your carpet, likely, that dirt, bacteria, and their residues have completely penetrated the carpet.

Attention to smells

If you have noticed that your carpet still smells bad after cleaning. The problem is probably in the depth of the carpet. A bad smell that does not go away usually causes a complete replacement of the carpet.

If you have a pet or have changed your lifestyle and are concerned about the smell of urine or dirt, professional Home Cleaning Calgary services are all you need to keep your home fresh and smelling. A regular carpet cleaning schedule along with frequent vacuuming and stain removal can keep your carpet healthy and there is no need to worry about Carpet cleaning vs replacement.

Determine Texture Changes

At times, rugs become so worn that they begin to lose their intended shape or the height of the rug begins to change. If you notice changes in the texture or height of your carpet or feel like you’re stepping on strange lumps and bumps, it’s time to replace your carpet.

Carpet cleaning vs replacement: which is the best option for you?

Water damage assessment

Water damage can happen very quickly and have long-lasting effects on carpets. If your home has been flooded or where water has penetrated your carpet, you must dry the carpet as soon as possible. Molds can start to grow in a few hours and endanger the health of your family and the longevity of your carpet. If you cannot dry your carpet quickly or the source of the water is unsanitary, you should replace your carpet.

Consider allergies

Some degree of fecal sensitivity may be normal for many people. However, if you notice that your family’s allergies are getting worse for no apparent reason, your carpets may be to blame. Fortunately, this may mean that you should hire a reliable carpet cleaning service to perform a deep cleaning for you. Swift Maids can help assess the health of your carpets and let you know if a bigger problem is on the way and if it needs to be replaced.

Calculate the age of the carpet

At the end of your carpet’s life, it can help you determine if you need to replace it completely or just schedule a cleaning. When properly cared for with regular deep cleaning and regular maintenance, carpets can last more than 10 years. If your carpet is more than 10 years old and hasn’t been cleaned at least once a year, it may be time to schedule a replacement.

Do carpet cleaners ruin carpets?

Many people believe in the misconception that carpet cleaners scratch carpets. Or this issue is far from reality. By the way, washing the carpet increases the life of the carpet. But amateur cleaning can usually ruin carpets.

Do carpet cleaners ruin carpets?

How do professional carpet cleaners increase the life of the carpet?

Over time, the dirt destroys the carpet fibers and this process continues until the dirt is removed. On the other hand, regular carpet washing removes contamination and preserves the carpet.

Also, allowing mold to grow will cause the carpet material to break down. Eventually, it may become so widespread that cleaning cannot remove these molds. However, professional care will remove mold and other harmful substances before they ruin carpets.

Professional steam cleaning also restores carpet fibers. A professional carpet cleaner can spot stains and other issues that an amateur might overlook. Professional cleaners also know the correct methods based on sex, texture, and other things. Carpet care can ensure that certain carpets are in good condition for many years.

How do professional carpet cleaners increase the life of the carpet?

Amateur cleaning is what ruins carpets

One of the reasons for this is that amateur cleaners usually use harsh detergents and devices that risk damaging the carpet fibers. They may also not remove detergent residue and excess water.

As a result, the remaining detergent creates a sticky layer on the carpet that attracts more dirt than before. Also, the residual washing water causes the growth of carbon in the carpet fibers. Using low-quality tools and techniques can shorten the life of the carpet.

Fortunately, the Swift Maids team is on hand to fully evaluate your carpet and let you know to choose Carpet cleaning vs replacement. In the meantime, it should be said that regular cleaning with our unique process can help extend the life of your carpet and keep it fresh So it is better to book your appointment today.


Table of Contents

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