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How to Find Best Airbnb Cleaning Service

Airbnb cleaning service
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Of course, keeping the Vacation rentals house is very important and you should put it on your to-do list. However, cleaning involves many steps that you must go through to achieve the desired result. But sometimes managing all the daily tasks and business does not allow you to do the cleaning process properly. So, in this situation, it is better to think about hiring an Airbnb cleaning service. Stay with Swift Maids to get all the necessary information about finding a professional Airbnb cleaning service.

What is Airbnb cleaning service?

Vacation rentals are common among many people. Because hosts are trying to present their property in the best possible condition, they will look for a professional Airbnb cleaning service because cleaning may not be their top priority in taking care of guests and their needs. As a result, this service is in high demand.

The main focus of Airbnb cleaning service is on the following:

  • Dusting all surfaces including ceiling fans, bookshelves, lighting devices and other items
  • Disinfection of areas that are used more
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Washing sheets and towels
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen completely
  • Resupply of sanitary supplies, including sheets and towels

What is Airbnb cleaning service?

The Airbnb cleaning service process should take two to three hours. With more budget in mind, more services will be provided. This service is very different from residential cleaning because this service focuses on deep cleaning around the house. The process of house cleaning can take between three and four hours, and considering that it is done only once a month, quarterly or annually, a lot of dirt is produced, as a result, this process is a little more difficult than the Airbnb cleaning service process.

Why do you need an Airbnb cleaning service?

Renting vacation homes has quickly replaced staying in a hotel, but people’s expectations of the cleanliness and quality of a hotel are the same as those of a home. Cleanliness is so important so the professional cleaning service for rental houses should be considered. To achieve the desired situation, there should be a lot of experience in this field so that the guests are excited about the result of the work. Fortunately, hiring a professional cleaning service is an easy and affordable way to achieve this result.

Why do you need an Airbnb cleaning service?

Basic requirements for Airbnb cleaning services

Hosts usually do not have the time and energy to manage their property and clean it. Using these services can provide very good results for the host and guests. This service must provide the following essentials to the guests:

  • Make the beds
  • Cleaning dishes
  • Complete washing of toilet, shower and bathtub
  • Dumping garbage and recycling bins
  • Sweeping and moppoing
  • Cleaning counters and handles, light switches

Basic requirements for Airbnb cleaning services


Important additional services to consider

The services we have mentioned above are the minimum items that a professional service should provide. If you want to get additional services that fit your budget, you can consider the following:

  • Deep cleaning: This service is usually done once a month by the cleaning crew, which includes cleaning the parts that are hard to access.
  • Washing sheets: Offering a laundry service ensures that you will always have a fresh pair of sheets for the bed.
  • Help with property damage: If the cleaning crew notices damage to the property, they will notify the extent and seek a temporary solution for those damages.
  • Report inventory: Hosts usually provide cleaning materials and may not remember their inventory. The cleaning crew can agree to report if there is a shortage of inventory.

Important additional services to consider

How to find a suitable cleaning company?

One of the best ways to find a reliable and professional cleaning service is to ask for recommendations from other local hosts. In fact, word of mouth is a good way to check out different companies that work in your area. You can also check out various forums that are related to rental house hosts (Rental house hosts forums). These are usually a useful source of information about reliable cleaning companies. Another way is to search online and find professional cleaning services for rent on the internet, you can even read the reviews of different people who have used these services.

How to find a suitable cleaning company?

How much to charge for an Airbnb Cleaning Service?

Professional cleaning services include different costs according to the size of the property and the place where it is located. The more rooms the property has, the higher the cost for this service. Deciding whether you want to pay for services hourly or not is up to you and the team you choose.

Questions to ask when choosing an Airbnb Cleaning Service

The most important and common questions that are asked about this service are as follows:

Who supplies the cleaning supplies?

You should ask the cleaning team you choose what items they need to provide. This will not cause confusion for you and the work process will be done in the simplest way. Hosts usually provide larger items such as vacuum cleaners to the crew.

Do you know about additional services before starting work?

This is another important issue that you should discuss with the cleaning company you choose. Be sure to ask about options that may incur additional costs. Ask your company to let you know all the things before starting work. This will give you the opportunity to plan for additional costs.

Can cleaning companies help you deal with property damage?

Choosing a professional cleaning service is very helpful especially when your property has been damaged. Normally, the same person will come to clean your house, so if there is any kind of damage, they can notify the host. Timely notification means that you can solve the problem easily and at the first opportunity.

Can cleaning companies help you deal with property damage?

How do cleaning companies choose their employees?

Cleaning companies choose their team members based on the quality of the cleaning services they are going to provide. If a company does this correctly, it is likely to have a professional and reliable team. Large and professional companies that pay special attention to their reputation and employees, check the records of the team and hire only reliable people, so you can be sure that the cleaning process will be done in the best way.

How to plan cleaning?

Finding the best way to schedule your cleaning will help you avoid confusion in your daily routine. It is better to discuss this issue at the very beginning of cooperation with the cleaning company.

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